Mission Trip to Zacatecas

This trip will be the last 2 weeks of september this year. You’re welcome to join us and bless this town in Mexico!

Billy Graham

This is the third year for our church to support those in need, especially in Syria and refugees from Middle east.

Club 700

We support this ministry who assists thousands of Hispanic families through several kind of TV and Radio programs of family’s stewardship and finances.

Joyce Meyer

We love Joyce Meyer and the world wide ministry she leads to impact lives, especially those in poor countries like the Outreach Project “Hands of Hope”.

Wounded Warrior Project

We pray for our veterans, but also support financially through this Project a million warriors and their families. WWP focuses on community-based care, mental health, and long-term care for the most seriously wounded veterans…

ACLJ Firm of Attorneys

Justice is our main interest in the world, specially to those in need, abuse and vulnerability of their humans rights; that is why, we support this ministry of christian lawyers who protect…